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Fallout Equestria - Subtle Hint by KnightOfModernDay
Fallout Equestria - Subtle Hint
"Littlepip, I said I might."

oh.... OH!
(Little artistic freedom with the setting and action)

The main song behind this one is Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons.

This is another one I didn't quite finish during the last year. It made me too happy to see it again, it just had to be completed. I love this couple!

My Littlepip looks like this. I know there is a semi-official colour palette, but the writer made it like the Bethesda game style that requires you to build your own character.


FOE, Littlepip, Homage © kkat
Art © KnightOfModernDay
Bone Picking by KnightOfModernDay
Bone Picking
I remember a biology textbook I had in grade 11 or 12 that depicted bone similarities between various mammal species from the evolution of a common ancestor. Similar bone structures are the same colour.

This idea popped up last year, and I was not able to draw anything other than half sketches until recently. Last picture I posted was 12 months ago!

As for background, I overused the transparency the last few times, so here's a try at patterned backgrounds. What do you think the symbol represents?

I like how Steadfast turned out. Now where in the world did I place his helmet?

I got a new tablet and a new Photoshop, so this pic got me a bit more comfortable using both.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy New Year everyone! (haha, I'm so late)

All the best for this new Year.

Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of my WIPs that are weighing me down. SERIOUSLY, I only posted 3 artworks last year compared to 20 in 2012.

Expect more ponies, more Nephenee, a king of thieves and a furious deity (I've been saying that for 3 years now?).

Just finished LoZ:ALBW today, really enjoyed it. Though, it seemed rather short; mind you I focused only on the storyline...

I put Fallout: Equestria on my e-reader and started reading it again. Is it ever engrossing? Might draw something from that again.

Reading the Molly Fyde series, and Queen's Blade series and looking for another fantasy or sci-fi series to start, any suggestions?

How are you guys doing? What will you be drawing/writing/painting/sculpting this year?


:icondeities-of-hyrule: :iconpaper-mario-style:


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Thanks for the gift you :D I just checked my emails and was surprised. I will have to aim to use deviant art a lot more 💖
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My pleasure!
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Birthday cake by KmyGraphic

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